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Best Mobile Football, fans in the world follow any developments or announcements of powerful video games related to it, as EA and Konami have monopolized this field for a very long time, their last games were EA Sports FC 24, eFootball 2024, which was released around the end of last year, where we will discuss this article. The 5 best mobile football games in 2024, and we hope you like them.

It seems that the current year, and the next as well, will be full of football games, the number one popular game on the planet Earth, especially with the entry of many game development companies into this desirable field in which players have needed many options for a long time, as well as the increased demand among players for football games. Foot for mobile in particular.

Top 5 Mobile Soccer Games in 2024

eFootball 2024 Mobile

There is no doubt that we will start our list with the eFootball 2024 Mobile game, which was very distinguished this year and enjoyed great features, starting from improving player statistics, and supporting the strength of teams, to providing statistics exceeding “99” for some players. The playing style was also improved this year, and this includes interactions on the level of… Defense and attack together, and control and handling of the ball.

The improved response also allowed players to better control the ball and dribble smoothly and fluidly in tight spaces, which greatly distinguished them from previous versions of the eFootball mobile game series, and introduced a new feature called “Boosters” that allows players to develop their football players’ statistics to even exceed the known upper limit.” 99”, and it seems that Konami, the developer of this series, is on the right track to achieve greater popularity and success for mobile football games.

Best mobile football

EA Sports FC Mobile 2024

EA Sports FC Mobile 2024 is considered one of the most prominent football games on mobile devices this year, as was the case in previous years, but many things have changed this year in addition to its name, which is no longer linked to FIFA, as it brought extensive updates for players for the 2023-2024 season, and included Across many different clubs and events, each season is characterized by exciting, high-caliber competitive matches that set new boundaries for mobile football gaming.

Best mobile football


EA SPORTS FC Tactical is considered one of the best tactical football games on mobile, which was also released by EA. This game offers football fans the ability to search for talent and buy most of the international football stars to build their dream team, as the game has more than 600 official licenses for months. Club players around the world.

The game does not offer the traditional simulation style in this type of game, but it focuses on tactics and confrontation experiences, and players can perform interactions such as shooting, passing, and dribbling while the opponent sets the next move and tries to predict the opponent’s attack tactic so that his defense can confront them.

Best mobile football

Total Football 2024

Although the Total Football series of mobile soccer games is relatively new and has only appeared within the past few years, it has proven its worth through the multiple game modes it possesses, the great fun it provides in 11v11 matches, and it also has official licenses from… FIFA Pro and Manchester City, which has 4,000 football players and many world championships.

Best mobile football

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